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 One of our missions at the Zoology Club at OSU is to provide opportunities for students to volunteer with animals. The following are two sanctuaries we work with.

Some have carpools available, others do not, so please take this into consideration when choosing where you would like to volunteer (you can volunteer with as many organizations as you would like.) Your only limit is your own time!

Driving and volunteer waivers  are mandatory for anyone who volunteers. This keeps both the sanctuaries and students safe. Please be aware, working with wild animals comes with an inherent danger, but the experience is like nothing else. 

If you are interested in volunteering with one of these sanctuaries, please contact our Secretary, Hannah Erickson ([email protected]), or attend one of our scheduled meetings. Weekly trips to Butternut are scheduled through Zoology Club, while volunteering for Ohio Wildlife Center is based on individual applications. 


Butternut Farms Wildcat Sanctuary





Butternut Farms is a non-profit sanctuary which is home to three mountain lions, several bobcats, a red fox, a timber wolf, and over one dozen domestic cats.  We usually end up playing with domestics, cleaning cages, typical yard-work and feeding of the animals.  After accumulating 27 hours of volunteering there is a chance to get closer to the non-domestic animals.

 Click here to go to the Butternut Farms website.








 The Ohio Wildlife Center


The OWC helps rehabilitate captive and injured animals native to Ohio.  You will have the opportunity to bottle-feed a skunk, feed a squirrel, take animals out to programs, or help release rehabilitated creatures.  OWC requires a simple one-hour training session and a minimum number of hours volunteered per month.  OWC greatly appreciates college students who come in with flexible schedules.

Click Here to go to the OWC website.



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