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   Who are you guys? What are you all about?

Click on Club Leaders to see who is organizing club activities this year. Our goal is to unite Ohio State students with a common interest in animals. We offer unique volunteer opportunities, the chance to speak with influential people in the field of zoology, and to help local exotic animal sanctuaries.

Where does the club meet, and when?

Our meeting location changes every semester, but we always meet every other Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 p.m. For more information, check the Meetings tab.  Sign up for the club e-mail[email protected]for reminders of meeting information.

What are the membership fees?

There is a membership fee of $10 per semester, or $15 per year. The fee is used for guest speakers and meeting refreshments. Cash and checks are accepted. Checks can be made out to "The OSU Zoology Club".

Does the club have a Facebook group/e-mail?

Yes, our Facebook group is located at:http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=2200346826

Twitter: https://twitter.com/osuzoologyclub

Instagram: @OSUZoologyClub

Our Club e-mail is:mailto:[email protected]

I'm interested in Volunteering, how do I get more involved?

We usually carpool to Butternut Farms Wildcat Sanctuary and APES.  Contact us at [email protected] for carpool times and dates.

What about field trips?

Our field trips are organized semester and weather dependent. We try to go to the Columbus Zoo and The Wilds at least once each year.  Anyone can come, but members who have paid their dues get first priority for our limited carpool space.

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