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President: Madeline Winans

Madeline Winans is majoring in Zoology and minoring in Chinese. In the past, she has volunteer at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and interned at COSI as an Animal Specialist. She recently went to South Africa to do study abroad in which she studied Exotic Animal Behavior and the Welfare. This experience has been one of her best one yet. One main goal she wants to accomplish is have her career focused on the role zoological institutions play in the field of wildlife conservation.

Vice President: Tori Roeder

Tori Roeder, who is majoring in Zoology and minoring in Spanish, has she spent 3 years in high school doing the wildlife rehabilitation and the educational animal programs, which happens to take place at the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center near Cleveland, Ohio. During her education at Ohio State University, she has done various activities to increase her involvement with animals. She had once interned at COSI to become an animal specialist where she taught rats to play basketball. She further more studied the Gorilla?s behaviors at the Columbus Zoo; and now, she is currently studying the evolution of mammals in molecular genetics lab in the EEOB department. For her summer breaks, she works at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in the Conservation Education Department providing animals? information to the public. Some interesting facts about Tori is that she loves the music background as much as animals. She knows how to play the piano and the guitar, loves to sing and does musical theater. 

Treasurer: Andrew Mularo

Secretary: Hanna Erickson

Hanna Erickson is majoring in Zoology and minoring in creative writing. She has been around animals her whole life from training and taking care of animals of all size. She has trained horses and have owned a Bearded Dragon, California King Snake and a Painter Turtle. She is currently working at the Columbus Zoo as a Summer Experience Camp Counselor and has volunteer at the Valley of the Kings in Wisconsin for a few years. At the Valley of the Kings, she would feed and care for animals such as tigers, wolves, lions, bears and other large carnivores. One things she’s passionate about is teaching others about taking better care of the environment and teaching others fun facts about animals.

Advertising Chair: Anna Cote

Anna Cote is majoring in Zoology and this is her second year at Ohio State University. She is currently working at the Coventry Animal Hospital and is also interning at the Ludwigs Corner Veterinary Hospital.

Fundraising Chair: Jesze Doleh

Jesze Doleh has a major in Zoology, a minor in education and is also an Environment and Natural Resources Scholar. At Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Gardens, she was a Zooteen for 5 years in which she volunteered to help educated people. During the school year, she is a Seasonal Camp-In Instructor at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. This summer, she is doing Elephant Internship at Kansas City Zoo.

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